My Body Is My Home

“My Body Is My Home” – the title of my latest works – explores the notions of home, homelessness, and neighborhood in regard to one’s physical body. Each work in “My Body Is My Home” explores what home means, and how it can be disrupted.

What is one’s home if not a form of safe harbor, a place that gives you comfort through privacy? Much like a house, our clothes serve as a barrier between our private selves and the world outside. On the one hand, clothes can be seen as a means of protection, but on the other hand clothes can be seen as an instrument of control and restriction. With a combination of painting, video installation, and performance, “My Body Is My Home” explores what home means by exploring the limits of the canvas – as support, a visual space, and as an expressive field like a home or clothes – and investigating the physical and metaphorical notion of home and neighborhood.


©2020 by Sara Madandar