The Dwelling

“The Dwelling” is a collaborative public art installation and was created by Christina Coleman, Jieun Beth and Sara Madandar - artists coming together from different places across the world (US, Korea and Iran respectively). The Dwelling first started in Austin, TX, where it was installed as a public art project that would expand as a concept to different cities around the world. This new iteration of “The Dwelling” takes shape at Colorado Springs, as an interactive installation that brings together a larger group of artists working collaboratively and engaging with their audience in different ways while working within this traveling concept.

“The Dwelling” consists of a house with reflective plexiglass walls – resulting in different scenes during day or night. During the day, the plexiglass acts as a mirror and reflects its surroundings. At night, a light makes the walls transparent, revealing what’s inside.


Absence of head

Imagine we would not have heads or brains. We just live like animals; our concerns would be just only to survive. We just like eating, sleeping, fucking, fighting, killing, and overcoming. When I think of dictator governments who controls their people and punish or kill them if they do not obey, I think of human who doesn’t have heads. They do everything to survive specifically if they see their power in danger.

I used ceramic, bronze, and textiles in this collection to show vulnerability and power together. In the ceramic or turban series, I dipped the fabrics in slip clay then wrap them around my knee. When I was researching how to make turbans, I figured that there are some courses for wrapping turbans which they need to pass. The turban’s fabric is 6 meters and they use their knees to make them. After wrapping the wet cloth around my knee, I let it dry then put them in kilns. The fabric in the clay burnt away and the clay remain. But this clay is so fragile. Some of them already have broken in moving. I used my own headcover to make the ceramic headcover out of clay. My black headcover burnet away and only the cold and fragile memory of it leftover.

Floral Turban, Textile with fabric hardener, 27" x 21" x 10", 2013
Turban #2, ceramic, 27" x 21" x 10", 2013
Turban #1, ceramic with white glaze, 27" x 21" x 10", 2013
Golden Turban, Ceramic with golden glaze, 27" x 21" x 10", 2013
The Religouse Mask, Bronze, 8" x 10" x 3", 2014
Memory of The Headcover, ceramic, 40" x 35" x 30", 2013

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