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“The Dwelling” is a collaborative public art installation and was created by Christina Coleman, Jieun Beth and Sara Madandar - artists coming together from different places across the world (US, Korea and Iran re-spectively). The Dwelling first started in Austin, TX, where it was in-stalled as a public art project that would expand as a concept to different cities around the world. This new iteration of “The Dwelling” takes shape at Colorado Springs, as an interactive installation that brings together a larger group of artists working collaboratively and engaging with their audience in different ways while working within this traveling concept. “The Dwelling” consists of a house with reflective plexiglass walls resulting in different scenes during day or night. During the day, the plexiglass acts as a mirror and reflects its surroundings. At night, a light makes the walls transparent, revealing what’s inside.

The Dwelling was installed after Texas, at Colorado Spring’s downtown area. This time the artists invited local artists to exhibit inside the house in every season. At the end of the year, the house was donated to the local garden to keep it as green house. 

Insallation / Sculpture

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