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Being/with Others is a collaborative and interdisciplinary dance-theatre work which explores the experiences and connections between a diverse group of people. This project provides a space for emerging artists of various disciplines to develop contemporary and avant-garde performance works inspired by the body, memory, and experience while also touching on issues of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and ability. These individual performance works are combined and structured together to create an evening-length show which highlights the intersections between the different artists and their various creative mediums.

Being/with Others was part of the University of Texas at Austin LAB Theater Series and was performed on April 2013.

The information of the crew:

Directed by Lucy Kerr

Produced by Lucy Kerr and Support Brittany Reeber's Documentary Project

Performers/Creators: Negin Raoof, Tanya Winters, Jossina Mark, Sara Madandar, Brittany Reeber, Morgan Taylor, Kelsey Rondeau, Mackenzie Taylor, Gloria Susan Angel, Lucy Kerr

Lighting Design by Gavin Cantrell and Nolan Thomas

Video Projection Design by Brittany Reeber

Stage manager Brett Tribe

Media and sound design by Daniel Berkowitz

Supporting Performers Zachary Khoo Alejandro Herrera Christian

Run Crew Camille Euritt Julia Tillers Christian Bergin Alejandro Herrera Zachary Khoo


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