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There are moments which are never repeated in life even if you go back to the location and try to remake it again. The video “In Memory of Aziz” is one of those moments. Every memory of my first visit to Iran after moving to The United States, was unique and never repeated. It was like a dream, and I felt I was between two time and locations and a feeling of traveling in time.

The day we visited Aziz’s house which is a unique house in my family. Aziz was my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2001. In trying to maintain the memory of Aziz, my mother has kept the house and furniture exactly as it was before. The house is in the village, Heev, which is about an hour away from Tehran on the NW side. In an afternoon, after the lunch, my father was taking a nap. In the quietness on the house, it was only the sound of my mother washing the dishes and the old fridge noise. The door to the courtyard was open and the lace curtains shadow was dancing on the old and torn Persian rug. I wanted to just live in the moment forever.


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